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Arsip Soal UAS 2010-2011 (Kelas 8)

Bahasa Inggris  Kelas VIII
1.      Isikan Nomor UAS dan Nama Peserta pada lembar jawaban
2.      Periksalah dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum menjawab
3.      Laporkan kepada pengawas jika terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap
4.      Periksalah jawaban sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas Ujian Akhir Sekolah

I. Read the text below then answer the questions.
Apolo Anton Ohno
Meet the very talented Apolo Anton Ohno! Apolo is a world Champion speed skater. He has five Olympic medals. Apolo is from Seattle, Washington, but now he lives in Colorado. His father is Japanese. He has an older half brother, but he doesn’t have any sisters.
Apolo loves speed skating, and he practices two or three hours every day. Speed skating is a dangerous sport, so he always wears a helmet. But Apolo doesn’t only like skating. He likes other things, too.
Apolo likes dancing. He an awesome dancer. He the May 2007 champion of the American TV Show, Dancing with the Stars. People loves him – he’s handsome and friendly.
Apolo is really famous. He’s a TV Star, a sport star, and an author. His book, A Journey, is about his life. He’s a cool guy! So, what do you think? Do you like him?
1.      Does Apolo like speed skating?
2.      Does he have a sister?
3.      Does he practice speed skating every day?
4.      Does he wear any special sport equipment?
5.      Does he sing?
II. Multiple Choices
6. Sylvia doesn’t like … at the mall, because it is boring.
  a. sleep                                                                                  c. hang out
  b. eat                                                                                     d. read

7. Cindy likes … tennis in her free time.
  a. throw                                                                                 c. buy
  b. play                                                                                   d. eat

8. Carlos doesn’t like listen to … in the weekend.
  a. music                                                                                 c. drama          
  b. film                                                                                   d. book

9. My brother joins in … team in his school. He likes Michael Jordan.
  a. music                                                                                 c. basketball
  b. drama                                                                                d. computer

10. Roberto writes his … over night. He is diligent and smart.
  a. novel                                                                                 c. short story
  b. agenda                                                                               d. homework

11. A : Let me help you with those suitcase.
      B : …………………………………….
      a. No problem                                                                    c. Lovely
      b. I can’t take them myself                                                            d. Those are mine

12. Sinta seldom drinks coffee.
      It means that she………………….
      a. always                                                                            c. often
      b. usually                                                                           d. never

Questions 13 to 15 are based on the following text
            I go to the dentist every six month. I have made an appointment before going for a regular check up with my dentist.
            I sat down in the waiting room. I don’t mind waiting because there are a lot of magazine there. So I took one and began reading an interesting story. After a few menutes, the nurse came in and said “Mr. Maulana will see you know, Miss. Sinta”.
13. Why does the writer go to the dentist?
      a. He wants to meet the dentist                                          c. The dentist invites him to go there
      b. He wants to check up with the dentist                            d. He has toothache

14. What is Mr. Maulana?
      a. doctor                                                                            c. surgeon
      b. nurse                                                                              d. dentist

15. What is the writer doing in the waiting room?
      a. reading magazine                                                                       c. writing letter
      b. watching TV                                                                  d. Speaking with someone

16. If you want to swim, you need a …
      a. helmet                                                                            c. goggles
     b. knee pads                                                                                    d. sneakers

17. A skiers need a … to play it.
     a. ski boots                                                                          c. helmet
     b. knee pads                                                                                    d. sandals

18. Anna can make friends easily. She’s …
     a. unhappy                                                                          c. friendly
     b. arrogant                                                                           d. smart

19. In the zoo. There are many …
     a. plants                                                                              c. water
     b. animals                                                                           d. boats

20. Miranda goes to … at 9.00 pm.
     a. sleep                                                                                c. eat
     b. school                                                                             d. play

21. This sport played in a field. You  need a wood stick and a small ball. It is a … game.
     a. basketball                                                                                    c. football
     c. badminton                                                                                   d. baseball

22. Don’t forget to bring a … in the camp to make you dry when it is rain.
     a. hat                                                                                   c. clothes
     b. raincoat                                                                           d.tuxedo

23. To make your skin soft and smooth when summer season. You need a bottle of 
     a. sunscreen                                                                                    c. soft drink
     b. facial foam                                                                     d. water

24. Megan doesn’t like mosquitoes and bugs, so she need a …
     a. lotion                                                                               c. bug  repellent
     b. jacket                                                                              d. shampoo

25. Irfan Haarys Bachdim is a new … of Indonesian National Team.
     a. badminton player                                                                        c. basketball player
     b. football player                                                                d. skater

26. A : Can you help me turning off the light?
      B : …………….. I am afraid of the light.
      a. All right                                                                          c. OK
      b. Yes, please                                                                    d. I am sorry

27. The bus departs to Jakarta at 7 p.m.
      The synonym of the underlined word is………………..
      a. visit                                                                                c. leave
      b. trip                                                                                 d. arrive

28. Cross at the …………..carefully. Look right first, then until the road is clear.
      a. stall                                                                                c. pavement
      b. traffic light                                                                     d. zebra cross

29. A : Good morning madam,…………?
      B :  Good morning, I need an English dictionary.
      a. What do you buy                                                                       c. How much do you need
      b. What are you                                                                 d. Can I help you

30. Dani           : ……….Sir, I come late
                          My bike is broken.
      Teacher      : That’s okay. Sit down.
      a. I am sorry                                                                      c. Pardon
      b. Excuse me                                                                     d. Please

31. I … on Sunday. I just relax and watch TV all day long.
      a. stay home                                                                       c. stay up
      b. stay away                                                                                   d. wake up

32. A   : Do you wake up late every day?
      B    : …
      a. No, I do.                                                                         c. No, I don’t.
      b. Yes, I don’t                                                                    d. No, I didn’t

33. Luis doesn’t … with his parents.
      a. goes                                                                                c. went
      b. going                                                                              d. go

Questions 34 to 38, complete the text below
(34) … Antonio Burgos. I (35) … in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my parents and my little sister, Monica. I (36) … to small school in the city. My first (37) … is Spanish, but I speak English, too. In my free time, I (38) … video games and listen to music. I (39) … like rap very much, but I love rock. On weekends, I (40) … at the park with my friends, but I eat dinner with my family.
34. a. I’m                                                                                 c. You are
      b. He is                                                                              d. I do

35. a. sleep                                                                              c. stay
      b. live                                                                                 d. wake

36. a. eat                                                                                  c. go
      b. wait                                                                                d. proud

37. a. lesson                                                                             c. book
      b. friend                                                                             d. language

38. a. buy                                                                                c. throw
      b. play                                                                                d. need

39. a. do                                                                                  c. don’t
      b. doing                                                                              d. did

40. a. hang out                                                                         c. play
      b. sit                                                                                   d. gather

41. Openpleaseyouwindowthecould
          1            2          3           4           5         6

     a. 6-1-2-5-4-3                                                                     c. 6-3-1-4-5-2
     b. 6-3-2-5-4-1                                                                     d. 6-3-2-1-5-4

42. My father works in Singapore, and …
     a. my mother is too.                                                                        c. my mother did too.
     b. my mother works too.                                                     d. my mother does too.

43. Betty was at the florist’s and … Sally.
     a. so was                                                                             c. so does
     b. so is                                                                                d. so did

44. … your birthday? It’s in July.
     a. Who                                                                                c. Why
     b. How                                                                                d. When

45. … are they? They are my brothers.
     a. Who                                                                                c. Why
     b. How                                                                                d. When

46. She can tell great jokes. She’s …
     a. funny                                                                              c. artistic
     b. friendly                                                                           d. smart

47. He’s good at soccer and volleyball. He’s …
     a. funny                                                                              c. artistic
     b. friendly                                                                           d. athletic

48. Rearrange this sentence
      1. Please bring your camera
      2. Yes to Parangtritis beach. Would you like to join us ?
      3. Will you go on picnic next week?
      4. Okay, I will prepare it.
      5. Of course. What must I prepare?
      a. 3 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 4                                                                        c. 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2
      b. 3 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 4                                                                        d. 3 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 1

49. My brother likes rock music. He always go to the … ever weekend.
     a. concert                                                                            c. movie
     b. gym                                                                                 d. library

50. Linda         : Mom, I make a strawberry cake. Let’s try!
     Mother        : Hmmm … What a delicious cake!
     From the dialogue above, we can conclude that mother …
     a. doesn’t try the cake                                                         c. doesn’t like the cake
     b. likes the cake                                                                  d. feels upset with the taste.

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