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Arsip Soal UAS 2010-2011 (Kelas 7)

Bahasa Inggris  Kelas VII
1.      Isikan Nomor UAS dan Nama Peserta pada lembar jawaban
2.      Periksalah dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum menjawab
3.      Laporkan kepada pengawas jika terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak lengkap
4.      Periksalah jawaban sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas Ujian Akhir Sekolah

I. Read the text carefully !
            Mr. Anwar and Mrs. Anwar are teachers. They have two children. They are Dion and Siska. Dion is eighteen years old, and Siska is fifteen years old. Dion goes to the SMA II in Solo, and Siska goes to the SMP I in Solo. The Anwar’s family always goes to school every day.
            They leave their house at six thirty every morning and they come home at 1:30. No one is at home in the morning, except on Sunday.
            The Anwar’s family usually has a recreation on Sunday. They think that is necessary to have a relax. They sometimes have a picnic in the country.
Answer the questions based on the text above!
  1. What is Mr. Anwar?
  2. How many children do they have? Who are they?
  3. How old id Dion?
  4. Do they sometimes have a relax on Sunday?
  5. Where do they sometimes have a relax?

6. The first meal of the day is…
      a. lunch                                                                              c. supper
      b. dinner                                                                            d. breakfast

7. Teacher        : “What is this ?”
      Ana            : “…”
      a. No, it is not                                                                    c. It is a ruler
      b. Yes, it is                                                                         d. They are rulers

8. Benny          : “How are you Mira?”
      Mira           : “….”
      a. All right, thank you                                                        c. Just fine, thank you
      b. Yes, thank you                                                              d. Not at all

9. Lisa  : “Zack, this is my brother. He is Nicholas”
      Zack          : “Good morning, Nicholas.”
      Nicholas    : “Good morning. Glad to meet you.”
      Zack          : “…too.”
      a. I am fine                                                                                    c. good morning
      b. goodbye                                                                         d. glad to meet you

10. A: What are these?
      B: ….
      a. This is a backpack                                                         c. That is a pencil case
      b. These are umbrellas                                                       d. Those are alarm clocks

11. Nike           : “…?”
      Lisa            : “I live at 9th Jalan Ambarawa.”
      a. How do you do?                                                                        c. Where do you go?
      b. Where do you live?                                                       d. Do you live?

12. I like watching Spiderman. Because he is my favorite
     a. TV Star                                                                         c. cartoon character
     b. tennis player                                                                 d. singer

16. Brad Pitt is an …
     a. actor                                                                              c. teacher
     b. artist                                                                              d. English teacher

17. A : Hi, my name is Carlos.
     B   : Hello. My name is John.
     A  : … old are you?
     B   : I’m thirteen.
     a. What                                                                             c. Where
     b. How                                                                              d. When

18. Arrange the words into good sentence!

     favorite my is She teacher.
             1        2   3    4         5

a.       4-3-2-1-5                                                                    c. 4-3-2-5-1
b.      4-3-1-5-2                                                                    d. 4-3-5-2-1

19. The whiteboard is … the classroom.
     a. behind                                                                           c. in front of
     b. beside                                                                           d. on

20. Nicole puts her some money … her pocket.
     a. on                                                                                 c. next to
     b. in                                                                                  d. beside

21. Mrs. Johnson likes reading newspapers. She go to the … to get them.
     a. bus stop                                                                                    c. newsstand
     b. market                                                                          d. shop

22. There is a nice film this week. Let’s go to the…
     a. movie                                                                            c. internet café
     b. shoe store                                                                     d. restaurant

     Question No. 23 to 27, based on the conversation below.
     Ms. Garcia                        : So, what are (23) …, Monica?
     Monica                 : They’re may comics books.
     Ms. Garcia                        : Hmmm, (24) … very interesting.
     Monica                 : (25) … are my trading cards.
     Ms. Garcia                        : Oh, they’re nice.
                                    What’s in this box?
     Monica                 : (26) … my old books.
     Ms. Garcia                        : Monica, (27) … you English books!
     Monica                 : Yeah, They’re from last year.

23. a. those                                                                            c. these
      b. that                                                                              d. this

24. a. they’re                                                                         c. they
      b. them                                                                            d. their

25. a. He                                                                                c. It
      b. They                                                                            d. She

26. a. they’re                                                                         c. they
      b. them                                                                            d. their

27. a. they’re                                                                         c. they
      b. them                                                                            d. their

28. Students can go to a … to read books, novels, magazines, etc.
      a. laboratory                                                                      c. library
      c. canteen                                                                          d. mosque

29. A person who heads a school is called a...
      a. gardener                                                                         c. teacher
      b. headmaster                                                                    d. student

30. You are not … carpenter.
      a. an                                                                                   c. a
      b. at                                                                                               d. of
31. This is … umbrella.
      a. an                                                                                   c. a
      b. at                                                                                               d. of

32. Look! The students … to the teacher.
      a. listen to the teacher                                                        c. to listen to the radio
      b. are listening to the teacher                                                         d. listen to the radio

33. X : Anita calls the woman “mummy”
           Who is mummy?
      Y : It is her…
      a. uncle                                                                              c. father
      b. mother                                                                           d. sister

34. Teacher      : Whose money is that?
      Teacher      : It is…
      a. Dina                                                                               c. Dina’s
      b. Dina is                                                                           d. Dina money

35. Jacky         : I’m hungry! Let’s go to Tom’s …
      Lizzy          : OK. Where is it?
     Jacky          : I think it is on Park Avenue.
     a. bus stop                                                                 
     b. newsstand                                                                                   d. internet café

Rearrange these sentences…!
36. isthe book table - the - on
       1      2        3           4       5       6

      a. 2-4-1-6-5-3                                                                    c. 5-6-3-1-2-4
      b. 2-3-6-1-4-5                                                                    d. 5-3-1-6-2-4

37. betweenpost officethethe schoolisthe bank - and
               1                 2              3             4           5          6            7

       a. 4-2-6-3-1-7-5                                                                c. 3-2-5-1-6-7-4
       b. 4-5-1-7-3-2-6                                                                d. 3-5-2-1-7-6-4

38.  Ms. Davis : Good afternoon, Paolo.
                         How … you today?
     Paolo        : OK. How about you?
     Ms. Davis : Good, thank you.
     a. are                                                                                 c. is
     b. am                                                                                d. was

39. Mr. Lee      : Good … , Sue.
     Sue           : Good night, Mr. Lee.
     a. morning                                                                                    c. bye
     b. day                                                                               d. like

40. Student      : Excuse me, sir. …, Please?
     Teacher     : Sure.
     a. Let me go to the restroom                                             c. I want to the restroom
     b. Can I go to the restroom                                                           d. Can you leave the restroom

 Look at the picture below!

Movie theatre

                                              D street
Department store

                                                     E street

41. The movie theatre is … the restaurant.
       a. next to                                                                           c. behind
       b. in front of                                                                     d. under

42. The school is … the department store.
       a. next to                                                                           c. across from
       b. beside                                                                           d. behind

43. Blouse and dress are clothes for a ………………..
a. woman                                                                          c. man
 b. boy                                                                              d. gentleman

44. X : Do you enjoy drinking beer ?
      Y : No, I ……………drinking beer.
       a. love                                                                               c. like
       b. hate                                                                               d. enjoy

45. X : Do you like reading a novel ?
      Y : Yes, I…….reading a novel.
      a. hate                                                                                c. like
      b. dislike                                                                            d. need

46. Samantha is a … student. She got A for English.
       a. greedy                                                                           c. lazy
       b. arrogant                                                                                    d. smart

47. Sandra       : Hi, my … is Sandra.
       Yoshi        : … Yoshi. Nice to meet you.
a.       Address                                                                      c. name
b.      Identity                                                                       d. spell

48. My hobby is … . I like playing basketball and soccer.
       a. sport                                                                              c. reading
       b. watching                                                                       d. collecting

49. Her first name is Madison. Her … is Maddy.
     a. last name                                                                       c. nickname
     b. full name                                                                      d. name

50. We use the … to sweep floor.
       a. dustbin                                                                          c. duster
       b. hoe                                                                               d. broom


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